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Harmony, creativity, inner
confidence & calm. Power
to grant dreams & desires.


✨🧘🏽‍♀️This is an excellent stone to help keep your mind clear. You’ll notice the passive ability of Moonstones in general to raise one’s awareness.

✨All bracelets are handmade with genuine 8 mm crystals on a high-quality stretch cord, making them effortless to take on and off.

✨Each bracelet is infused with healing essential oil & blessed to amplify the bracelet's healing energy. You can breathe in this beautiful oil and feel its calming effect. [You can choose which healing essential oil blend you want to be infused]

✨By wearing an infused crystal bracelet you carry the amplified energy of the stone with you. A great accessory with healing powers! One size fits all.

Rainbow Moonstone Healing Bracelet Infused with Healing Essential Oil [Choose]

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