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Success is Already Within You… - Short Inspirational Speech (2022)


When you listen to this inspirational & motivational video, Andrea invokes feelings of empowerment so you can discover that success exists within you in this present moment. She reminds you to stop push & striving, because success starts with invoking the vibration of success. It’s in the push & striving that you put success on a pedestal and thus, putting it above yourself. You are the success that you seek. And when you tap into the feeling of what is like to be successful and act as if, that is when you put yourself into alignment of that which are calling into your life.

Inspired Action to Take After Listening: Grab a pen & paper or open up your note app and write down what you consider to be success. Then put on some music that makes you light up, feel good, and helps to invoke that feeling within you. Envision yourself as if you currently have received that which you are seeking.

This is your reminder that Divine timing is always at play within your life. And that all that glitters is not gold. God has a plan of you & sometimes the journey towards what your are seeking is far greater than receiving what you are asking for. You can always call upon God & your Elevated Angels for the greatest & highest good of all to help you wherever you may be going through with love, ease, & grace. While challenges are necessary as they help us learn & grow, they can be a little easier by asking for Divine help & guidance.


“You are absolutely beautiful, magnificent, and so very powerful. ” [00:01 ]

“Don’t you realize that success is right here and right now within you? ” [00:29]

“STOP trading in your beautiful energy and time to do things for the sake of doing” [01:18]

“REALLY step into the vibration and access that success that’s already within you. Waiting to emerge into your life.” [01:59]


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“Andrea has lovely, warm energy. I felt like she really listened to me and wanted to help me. She seemed attuned to my energy and angels which helped her interpret the cards in an individual way rather than just reading what they said. I even went over time and she was very kind and accommodating about that. She also sent me the cards that came up during my reading and the resources she mentioned during it. Thank you Andrea!”

~Tasha L.

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