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✨New Angel Message...Zoom Out, this is only temporary!

Heyy Sunshine🌻⁠⁠

What is it that you can let go of right now?⁠⁠

Is there something you're holding onto that is preventing you from fully being present?⁠⁠

Is there something that is weighing you down?⁠⁠


Just know that whatever challenge, struggle, or stress you're experiencing it's only temporary. ⁠⁠

Life is naturally going to have ups and downs. But it's how you show up during those times that will shape your experience of it. What I mean is, you create your reality by the energy you feed to a situation. ⁠⁠


I oversaw this happen a few weeks ago...⁠⁠

There was a woman who was walking by, clearly angry.⁠⁠

As she proceeded down the street, there was a PedelPub party riding by⁠⁠

the woman becomes enraged and starts screaming all sorts of curses at them.⁠⁠

But, the party of people can't hear a word she's saying over the loud music.⁠⁠

So they cheer her on thinking that's what she's doing to them.⁠⁠

What happens next is amazing...⁠⁠

The angry woman's mood completely shifts.⁠⁠

Because of the attention and praise, she's receiving she starts cheering along with them, smiling from ear to ear.⁠⁠


It's amazing how a laugh, smile, or praise can completely shift someone's day/mood!⁠⁠


At the end of the day, we all just want to be seen, heard, & loved.⁠⁠

What scenarios in your life can you look at differently?⁠⁠

How can you add more compassion to the angry people you encounter in your life?⁠⁠

Underneath the anger, there is pain and sadness. ⁠⁠


Everyone is doing the best they can in life. ⁠⁠

By no means should you stick around someone who is violating your boundaries!⁠⁠

There are some people that you have to walk away from permanently. ⁠⁠

But day to day, whoever you encounter, try to look at them with another set of eyes before responding to a situation. You have the power to shift someone's energy. So instead of fueling the negative, why not switch it to positive...humor, laughter, and a smile sometimes are all that is needed.⁠⁠

You are such an amazing soul!

Each day you pray you are becoming closer to Source & your Angelic Family

Keep up the incredible work your doing (you are shaping the future by bringing more love into the world)

You are so deeply & profoundly loved!

Sending You So Much Love & Light, ❤️Andrea XOXO

P.S. 🎁💕A little pray for you...

Calling in Source, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels, & Angels around you, please send this beautiful soul reading this message so much love & light. Help ease them through their day with so much love, ease, & grace. Thank you for sending them this blessing!

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WHY DID I BECOME AN ANGEL TAROT READER? As an empath, I can actually feel what others are feeling. Growing up this has been quite painful to experience, especially since I wasn’t aware of this until the last few years. I have always wanted to help people, and my gift of speaking with my Angels & Spirit Guides has opened up an amazing avenue to do so. Because of these gifts, I can now help beautiful souls reconnect with their intuition & heart to live more fulfilling lives. I am still amazed at the messages that come through and the feedback that clients provide saying how much these messages are in alignment with what is going on in their lives. I am so grateful for the guidance, clarity, and key insights that come through to help my clients live their lives with more love, ease, and grace. If you’d like to request your own private reading click here. . . Follow me on Instagram @Angel.TarotReadings for the latest Angel Messages A Ray of Light Angel Tarot — St. Petersburg, FL . . #angeltarotreadings #arayoflight #earthangels #empaths #empathsofinstagram #empathlife #empathproblems #starseeds #starseedawakening #starseedsofinstagram #starseedoracle #lightworkers #lightworkersofinstagram #lightworkersunited #spirituallife #spirituallyawake #spiritualadvisor #spiritualalignment #spiritualadvice #spiritualdevelopment #spiritualguide #spiritualwisdom #spiritualcommunity #spirituallifecoach #spiritualalignment #spiritualawakenings #spiritualquotes #spiritualquotes #confucius #angelmessages

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