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✨New Angel Message...You only fail if you give up

Good morning Sunshine☀️⁠⁠


Every day you are born again⁠⁠

You have the opportunity to start fresh⁠⁠


So why not practice release what no longer serves you ⁠⁠

each night before you go to bed???💤⁠⁠


It can be as simple as asking your⁠⁠ Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, & Spirit Guides

to help you set the intention before you go to sleep

to release anything that is not for your highest good

to release anything that is not you

with love, ease, & grace

When you awake each morning invite in

your higher self and ask for your angelic team & family

to assist you throughout the day to live in alignment with

who you were divinely meant to be

Anytime you have any struggles throughout the day

this is your opportunity to ask your angelic team & family to release

what does not positively serve you with love, ease, & grace

and to loving reclaim back your power

These simple acts can dramatically transform your life

You are meant to be happy

And are so very loved!

Sending You So Much Love & Light, ❤️Andrea XOXO

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P.P.S. I am so grateful for all the like, saves, shares, follows, donations, & for all the booked personal angel tarot readings! Thank you from the bottom of my heart❣️👏🏽



. COMMON FAQS… WHY DO I READ ANGEL TAROT MESSAGES? I want to help as many people as I can hear the messages their angels are trying to share with them. There are heart-based messages from the angelic realm to help people live more fulfilling lives. I am so grateful for my gifts and love to see how these messages truly help provide guidance, clarity, and key insights to help beautiful souls along their life journey with more love, ease, and grace. WHAT IS AN ANGEL TAROT READING? An Angel Tarot Reading allows you to gain specific insights to help divinely guide you through your life with more ease and grace. These are specific messages that your angels are trying to share with you that you may not be able to hear on your own. To learn more or request your private Angel Tarot Reading with Andrea, click here.⁠ .



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