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✨New Angel Message...Why dim your light for others?

Heyy Sunshine☀️⁠⁠


You are a radiant light⁠⁠

And if you're holding yourself back in any way⁠⁠

from speaking your truth you are dimming it⁠⁠


It can be as simple as ⁠⁠

repeatedly putting yourself in scenarios ⁠⁠

that does not make you feel good⁠⁠

Spending time with people who ⁠⁠

disrespect you and your boundaries⁠⁠

Anything that is depleting you and your energy⁠⁠




Claim back your power⁠⁠

Claim back your energy⁠⁠



You are a garden with plants & flowers

that need to watered

And when you block the sunshine from pouring in

you stunt your growth

Sunshine, you have many dreams

that are meant to be followed

And your dreams could be anything

from wanting to travel to starting a business

whatever your dreams are

they are meant to be followed

Do you want to wake up at

the end of this life with regrets???

Most people do

So stop letting others take your power & energy

That energy can be used to fuel your passions

What are your dreams?

If you're not sure,

take some time today to make a list

and little by little you can work on

making your dreams a reality

When you shine your light,

you light the way for others to follow

You are capable of whatever you put your mind to

You are full of wonderful thoughts, ideas, & dreams waiting to be birthed

And you are so loved by your Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, & Guardian Angels

Shine your light so brightly & go after the life that is already yours!

Sending You So Much Love & Light, ❤️Andrea XOXO

P.S. TYPE in the comments below "I loving reclaim back my power" to affirm.

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WHAT IS A TWIN FLAME? A twin flame is a true unconditional love connection. When you step into loving yourself unconditionally, you open the door for this connection to enter into your life. These relationship are very powerful and help you to heal your past. Twin flames are mirrors and show you what still needs healing. These relationships are meant to be supportive & provide each other with a safe space to express themselves & grow together.




WHAT IS AN ANGEL NUMBER? Do you notice repetitive numbers? These are ways your Angels try to get your attention. And each number holds a specific message to help guide you in your life. This was the start of my journey from living in the corporate world to now reading Angel Tarot Messages. Anyways, you can Google any numbers that you see and ask for their meanings.

ANGEL NUMBER 1111: Pay special attention to what you're thinking about when you see this number. Using positive affirmations & having an optimistic attitude will assist you to achieve your desired goals and dreams.




WHY DO I READ ANGEL TAROT MESSAGES? I want to help as many people as I can hear the messages their angels are trying to share with them. There are heart-based messages from the angelic realm to help people live more fulfilling lives. I am so grateful for my gifts and love to see how these messages truly help provide guidance, clarity, and key insights to help beautiful souls along their life journey with more love, ease, and grace.




WHAT IS AN ANGEL TAROT READING? An Angel Tarot Reading allows you to gain specific insights to help divinely guide you through your life with more ease and grace. These are specific messages that your angels are trying to share with you that you may not be able to hear on your own. If you would like to book your own personalize Angel Tarot Reading with me, CLICK the link in my bio.




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