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✨New Angel Message...Who haven't you forgiven?

Heyy Sunshine🌻⁠⁠

It is interesting how sometimes it is so much easier to forgive others than it is to forgive yourself. ⁠⁠


And what does that even mean?!? Think of the little voice in your head that is constantly telling you about you...⁠⁠

"I could have done that better, faster" ⁠⁠

"Why did I get myself into that situation"⁠⁠

"Why didn't I listen"⁠⁠


This really doesn't serve any purpose except for you reliving the PAST.⁠⁠

I'm emphasizing the past because it already happened. And however you should up, whatever it is that you did, it is ok. You were only doing the best you could at that moment in time. And part of forgiveness means feeling through the feelings you may have held yourself back from. ⁠⁠


It's important to set some time aside for yourself to go through things that you're upset with yourself about. But try to view yourself as a small child when talking to yourself. Be gentle. You can never control a situation, only yourself. But also, sometimes things happen to teach you never to do that again. Life is school and there are lessons every day all around us if we stop and look. Usually, our bodies give us a good indication if we're off track. ⁠⁠


I have tapped into my body so much more recently that I notice that I get sick when I'm putting myself in situations that do not positively serve me. It's important to know that not everyone is meant for you. And if you're reading this, you were meant to hear this message. ⁠⁠


There will be people that come into your life and all the want to do is take. And as a Leo, I love to give, but I have realized that there has to be a point in time where I give to myself rather than to others first. Like the message I shared the other day...if your cup is empty that how can you truly give?⁠⁠


No matter where you are at, just know that you are doing the best you can. While the past can never be changed, starting right now you can make the decision to change how you show up in the future. ⁠⁠


I want to circle back to taking the time out first to feel through whatever it is that you're being hard on yourself for from your past.

Take the time to meditate on this. You need to heal this part of yourself because this will keep showing up [healing is a journey, nothing happens overnight but you'll notice the more energy you focus on healing yourself the easier it will get]

I am calling upon your Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, & Guardian Angels to assist you in your healing process with so much love, ease, & grace👏🏽

Your Angelic Family wants you to know you are such an absolutely amazing soul and they are so proud of you! They are excited to help you in your healing journey and you can call upon them to help assist you.

You are always so very loved!

Sending You So Much Love & Light, ❤️Andrea XOXO

P.S. want to share this is a powerful technique that I use and has helped me to heal...

"I lovingly claim back my power"

This is great if you are placing too much emphasis on someone else. You're giving them your energy. I say this 3 times either out loud or in my head and I'm always surprised at how much better I feel after.


"I invoke the violet flame to transmute [anything that no longer positively serves me] into love" I use this throughout the day as needed. When negative thoughts come up.

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WHY DID I BECOME AN ANGEL TAROT READER? As an empath, I can actually feel what others are feeling. Growing up this has been quite painful to experience, especially since I wasn’t aware of this until the last few years. I have always wanted to help people, and my gift of speaking with my Angels & Spirit Guides has opened up an amazing avenue to do so. Because of these gifts, I can now help beautiful souls reconnect with their intuition & heart to live more fulfilling lives. I am still amazed at the messages that come through and the feedback that clients provide saying how much these messages are in alignment with what is going on in their lives. I am so grateful for the guidance, clarity, and key insights that come through to help my clients live their lives with more love, ease, and grace. If you’d like to request your own private reading click here. . . Follow me on Instagram @Angel.TarotReadings for the latest Angel Messages A Ray of Light Angel Tarot — St. Petersburg, FL . . #angeltarotreadings #arayoflight #earthangels #empaths #empathsofinstagram #empathlife #empathproblems #starseeds #starseedawakening #starseedsofinstagram #starseedoracle #lightworkers #lightworkersofinstagram #lightworkersunited #spirituallife #spirituallyawake #spiritualadvisor #spiritualalignment #spiritualadvice #spiritualdevelopment #spiritualguide #spiritualwisdom #spiritualcommunity #spirituallifecoach #spiritualalignment #spiritualawakenings #spiritualquotes #spiritualquotes #angelreading #angelmessages

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