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✨New Angel Message...Where do you need to slow down?

Heyy Sunshine🌻⁠⁠


When was the last time you stopped to look at nature⁠

To observe the plants, trees, & animals⁠

Do you notice how they just are?⁠

Do you think a tree thinks about how it looks?⁠

Or a flower about when it will bloom?⁠

Or the birds worry about fitting in?⁠

Nature just is, without judgment⁠

That's why spending time in nature ⁠ can be your greatest teacher

Not to mention,

it can also be your greatest healer

We live in a world that is constantly on the go

Look for ways to do things faster, better

Getting lost in the endless noise all around us

Sometimes it can be hard to breathe

That's why it's important to take some time for yourself

take off your shoes

and plant your feet in the grass

look at the beauty of nature all around you

ask for Gaia, mother earth

to heal you

I invite you to try this as often as you can

(this is called earthing or grounding...full benefits here)

And while you're earthing

take the time to take deep breathes in & out... ​

breathe in love, peace, & healing

breathe out fear, worries, & stress

[repeat 10 times]

Then see how you feel

Doing this every day

can dramatically improve your state of being

Will you take the time out of your day to earth?

Your Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guardian Angels & Spirit Guides want you to know

You are always being surrounded by their love & support

They are so proud of you

And you are loved beyond measure

Sending You So Much Love & Light, ❤️Andrea XOXO

P.S. Comment 🌍 if you're taking time out today to earth/ground

P.S.S. You can follow me for the latest real-time Angel Messages (Follow me on Instagram @angel.tarotreadings)


WHAT IS MY DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE? I start my day with a nice hot shower to wake my body up & some days will also play some of Mei-Lan’s music. I call in the Angel of Water to wash away anything that is not for my highest good & express my gratitude for her. After my shower, I moisturize with lotion.

I am now fully awake to go into my meditation. I prefer laying down meditations as this is easiest on my back & allows me to work with placing healing crystals along my chakras. I love to listen to Mei-lan’s meditations & have now built up to 45 minutes to 1-hour meditations. I also will use healing oils, Palo Santo, and every so often Sage to clear my space & energy from anything that is not for my highest good. I always call in God/Source [aka Elohim], Holy Spirit, specific Archangels, specific Ascended Masters, my Angelic Family, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, & Animal Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Angels around me, & my higher-self(and that list goes on depending on the day I will call in different Archangels & Ascended Masters to come in and assist me during my meditations — Mei-lan’s meditations are great because sometimes she does this) I also have a practice for protecting my energy space & field.

I have a similar practice at night before bed. I try to be mindful to not be on technology at least an hour before bed. And meditations at night I like to set intentions for myself. Such as, I set the intention to remember my dreams.

This is just a small snippet of what my practice looks like as it’s also being mindful of how I show up throughout the day for myself & others. And spending time in nature & earthing are huge healers for me & my energetic body.

If you’d like any more specifics on anything I mentioned above, DM me on Instagram @Angel.TarotReadings & I’ll be more than happy to share. . . WHAT DO I EAT? I eat two delicious meals a day that are vegetarian-based, gluten-free, & sugar-free. My diet is very clean & consists of mostly fruits & veggies. A sample breakfast includes rice, beans, plantains, with an assortment of diced-up veggies & avocado. I cook mostly with coconut oil. My diet has changed dramatically over the last few years and has been a gradual process. If you would like to learn more about the foods I eat or want specific recipes check out my new private community called Awaken. This community was created for souls who are looking for some extra guidance through their spiritual awakening. This is a judgment-free community. Learn more here. . . WHAT IS AN ANGEL NUMBER? Do you notice repetitive numbers? These are ways your Angels try to get your attention. And each number holds a specific message to help guide you in your life. This was the start of my journey from living in the corporate world to now reading Angel Tarot Messages. Anyways, you can Google any numbers that you see and ask for their meanings. I will also provide the meanings behind Angel Numbers in my posts to help provide more clarity in your life.

ANGEL NUMBER 1111: Pay special attention to what your thinking about when you see this number. Using positive affirmations & having an optimistic attitude will assist you to achieve your desired goals and dreams. . . WHY DO I READ ANGEL TAROT MESSAGES? I want to help as many people as I can hear the messages their angels are trying to share with them. There are heart-based messages from the angelic realm to help people live more fulfilling lives. I am so grateful for my gifts and love to see how these messages truly help provide guidance, clarity, and key insights to help beautiful souls along their life journey with more love, ease, and grace. . . WHAT IS AN ANGEL TAROT READING? An Angel Tarot Reading allows you to gain specific insights to help divinely guide you through your life with more ease and grace. These are specific messages that your angels are trying to share with you that you may not be able to hear on your own. If you would like to book your own personalize Angel Tarot Reading with me, CLICK the link in my bio. . . Follow me on Instagram @Angel.TarotReadings for the latest Angel Messages A Ray of Light Angel Tarot — St. Petersburg, FL . . #angeltarotreadings #arayoflight #earthangels #empaths #empathsofinstagram #empathlife #empathproblems #starseeds #starseedawakening #starseedsofinstagram #starseedoracle #lightworkers #lightworkersofinstagram #lightworkersunited #spirituallife #spirituallyawake #spiritualadvisor #spiritualalignment #spiritualadvice #spiritualdevelopment #spiritualguide #spiritualwisdom #spiritualcommunity #spirituallifecoach #spiritualalignment #spiritualawakenings #spiritualquotes #spiritualquotes #laotzu #angelmessages

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