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✨New Angel Message...When was the last time you celebrated yourself?

Heyy Sunshine🌻⁠⁠

This is your sign, that is time for you to step into your next chapter.⁠⁠


Take a moment to celebrate all your accomplishments, no matter how seemingly big or small!⁠⁠ [Yes, the fact that you go up and out of bed is an accomplishment🎉]⁠⁠


What else can you celebrate about yourself???⁠⁠


Once you have celebrated decide a few small things you'd like to incorporate into your life to make your day-to-day that much more enjoyable.⁠⁠


And by the way...⁠⁠

You are such an amazing soul!⁠⁠

Don't ever doubt that!⁠⁠

God/Source and all your Angels & Spirit Guides certainly don't!!!⁠⁠

They're here to help you remember who you truly are.⁠⁠


Underneath everything that has shaped you into "you."⁠⁠

Who are you really???⁠⁠

If you don't are love & light.⁠⁠


Take this moment to ZOOM OUT. ⁠⁠

Think about how small you are in comparison to the whole universe & space! ⁠⁠

You are made of the same beautiful energy like the brightest stars.⁠⁠

And you are not reading this by mistake.⁠⁠


Your Angels & Spirit Guides have lead you here to remind you that you are here for a reason.⁠⁠

And that reason isn't to own a fancy car or home. ⁠⁠

And it certainly isn't to work hours on end to achieve these goals or support a family.⁠⁠


You're here to shine your light brightly!!!✨⁠⁠

To add more love & light out into the world just by being you.⁠⁠


Any of the pain you have experienced in life so far has been there to teach you how to grow & show you how strong you truly are. But, NEVER EVER let that define you!⁠⁠

⁠⁠ YOU ARE more powerful than you know!

You and only you have the power to shape your life.

If you feel like you're currently struggling in life & need help or guidance, all you have to do is ask your Angels & Spirit Guides to assist if you.

Then pay attention to the signs, messages, and inner nudgings you receive to help show you the way. The more you tap into your intuition & start trusting yourself first, the more you live in alignment with the divine.

You are a magnificent soul!

You are worthy!

And you are so very loved!

Sending You So Much Love & Light, ❤️Andrea XOXO

P.S. It can be lonely in this world we live in, especially when others do not understand you & who you are. Just know that Source/God, your Angels, & Spirit Guides are always available to assist you if you just ask and slow down to listen.

P.S.S. Need personalized guidance? Request your private Angel Tarot Reading here.



WHY DID I BECOME AN ANGEL TAROT READER? As an empath, I can actually feel what others are feeling. Growing up this has been quite painful to experience, especially since I wasn’t aware of this until the last few years. I have always wanted to help people, and my gift of speaking with my Angels & Spirit Guides has opened up an amazing avenue to do so. Because of these gifts, I can now help beautiful souls reconnect with their intuition & heart to live more fulfilling lives. I am still amazed at the messages that come through and the feedback that clients provide saying how much these messages are in alignment with what is going on in their lives. I am so grateful for the guidance, clarity, and key insights that come through to help my clients live their lives with more love, ease, and grace. If you’d like to request your own private reading click here. . . Follow me on Instagram @Angel.TarotReadings for the latest Angel Messages A Ray of Light Angel Tarot — St. Petersburg, FL . . #angeltarotreadings #arayoflight #earthangels #empaths #empathsofinstagram #empathlife #empathproblems #starseeds #starseedawakening #starseedsofinstagram #starseedoracle #lightworkers #lightworkersofinstagram #lightworkersunited #spirituallife #spirituallyawake #spiritualadvisor #spiritualalignment #spiritualadvice #spiritualdevelopment #spiritualguide #spiritualwisdom #spiritualcommunity #spirituallifecoach #spiritualalignment #spiritualawakenings #spiritualquotes #spiritualquotes ##newchapterinlife #angelmessages

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