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✨New Angel Message...It's time you remember who you really are

Hey there Sunshine🌻

This is your very important reminder!!!!

It’s time you remember who you really are. Your worth isn’t contingent upon someone else’s approval of you. You were born worthy of love, of life, & of abundance.

And don’t you doubt it for a second!!

You were born after all!

Source wants nothing but the best for you!

Yes, you may have gone through some struggles & challenges along the way.

But isn’t true that you’re still alive and well today?

You’re well enough to be reading this message that was meant for you to read.

And before you say there is not abundance in your life, take a step back and look around. If you have access to food, somewhere to lay your head down to sleep at night, clothes to wear then yes there is abundance in your life. And even if this is not true, look around at Mother Earth, the sunshine, the trees, the animals, the flowers. This is what abidance looks like.

Now let’s get back to you. You have an abidance of good health for your eyes to read this very message. You woke up this morning with the freedom to decide the energy you’d like your day to hold.

And you dear Sunshine, are absolutely beautiful, inside & out!!!

And if anyone told you differently, tell them to take it up with Source!

Because you were created exactly as you are for a reason. And Source & your Angels think you are absolutely gorgeous/handsome.

You are so perfect just as you are.

And they want you to start taking another look at how you talk & see yourself.

Because they want you to see what they see!

You do not need permission from anyone to be the amazing soul you were created to be.

If you feel like you’re in a situation where you’re walking on eggshells, this may be your sign that it’s time to leave. You are allowed to be yourself in whatever expression of you that you’d like!

So stop trying to contain all that amazing light inside you! Allow yourself to shine! Allow yourself to speak your truth! And allow yourself to follow the path that Source has for you!

Sending You So Much Beautiful Source Love & Light,⁠



P.S. Self-love is not something many people are taught to do. We are usually our worst critics. If you can envision yourself like you’re a little child that just wants to be loved, you can start to switch the script. To start talking to yourself with more love, compassion, & understanding. You are only human, doing the best you can with what you presently know!



WHY DID I BECOME AN ANGEL TAROT READER? As an empath, I can actually feel what others are feeling. Growing up this has been quite painful to experience, especially since I wasn’t aware of this until the last few years. I have always wanted to help people, and my gift of speaking with my Angels & Spirit Guides has opened up an amazing avenue to do so. Because of these gifts, I can now help beautiful souls reconnect with their intuition & heart to live more fulfilling lives. I am still amazed at the messages that come through and the feedback that clients provide saying how much these messages are in alignment with what is going on in their lives. I am so grateful for the guidance, clarity, and key insights that come through to help my clients live their lives with more love, ease, and grace. If you’d like to request your own private reading click here. . . Follow me on Instagram @Angel.TarotReadings for the latest Angel Messages A Ray of Light Angel Tarot — Middleton, WI .

































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