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✨New Angel Message...are you Listening?

Heyy there Sunshine☀️⁠⁠


Are you a listener or a talker?⁠⁠

Neither is better than the other⁠⁠


But you can learn far more ⁠⁠

when you sit back and listen⁠⁠


Obviously, there are times in our lives ⁠⁠

where talking and speaking our truth is necessary ⁠⁠


But there are also times where ⁠⁠ active listening comes in handy

especially before we react in a discussion

If you've ever caught yourself

tied up in thinking about

what you're going to say,

likely it's because you want

to fit in in one way or another

Most people want to fit in

but are you qualifying

who you want to fit in with?

Why not worry about

standing true to who you are

while being open to different perspectives?

After all, we see the world through

our own eyes based on our experiences

such as our upbringing, what we watch,

listen to, different social environments

we've been exposed to, and so much more...

So it is for that reason,

sometimes it can be hard to see

someone else's perspective of the world,

especially when it doesn't line up with our view

But did you know...

when you're fully present with someone

they can feel it

Because there are few in the world

that provide that safe space for others

At the end of the day,

we really are all one

And all these drastic views

are what divide us

Today I invite you to listen with

the intent to understand someone else

To walk in their shoes and see how

their perspective can open your world up

to new ways of being

[use your own intuition & discernment to guide you]

And if no one's told you...

I am so proud of you

You are worthy

And you are so very loved

Sending You So Much Love & Light, ❤️Andrea XOXO

P.S. Intuition comes from your heart & soul & is your first reaction. There's a great article that goes into ego & how to free yourself by Eckhart Tolle on Click here to read more.

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. COMMON FAQS… WHY DO I READ ANGEL TAROT MESSAGES? I want to help as many people as I can hear the messages their angels are trying to share with them. There are heart-based messages from the angelic realm to help people live more fulfilling lives. I am so grateful for my gifts and love to see how these messages truly help provide guidance, clarity, and key insights to help beautiful souls along their life journey with more love, ease, and grace. WHAT IS AN ANGEL TAROT READING? An Angel Tarot Reading allows you to gain specific insights to help divinely guide you through your life with more ease and grace. These are specific messages that your angels are trying to share with you that you may not be able to hear on your own. To learn more or request your private Angel Tarot Reading with Andrea, click here.⁠ .



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