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A Ray of Light Angel Tarot: Angel Whispers...You are enough!

Hey there Sunshine☀️

Has anyone told you lately

how AMAZING you are lately!?!

If not,

let me tell you...


You are the perfect combination of unique...

You have so many unique experiences

that have shaped who you are today

And so many unique skills that

come so naturally to you

So if you're trying to fit in,

please STOP!

It's when you stand strong in who you are

that you inspire others to do the same!

But first, you need to know you are worthy

You are here for a reason

And that reason isn't to constantly be doing

You are worthy of being you just as you are

Today I invite you to notice

how you talk to yourself

And change it to a

much more loving dialog

It can be a simple switch

such as...

I wish I got more done today VS

Wow I'm proud of myself

for completing all I did today

Remember baby steps

There are so many people

talking themselves down...

yes myself included!

This has been something I have

struggled to find balance most of my life

And am still working on each day

But it all starts with awareness

and asking your angels & spirit guides

for help each day that will make

this so much easier

And is what transforms your life

little by little day by day

Nothing happens overnight

And you don't have to beat yourself up

for talking badly to yourself

Instead, just take notice & once you notice

flip the script to a loving conversation

You are Divine

You are Smart

You are Beautiful

AND you are so very loved!

Sending You So Much Love & Light,



P.S. What do you love about yourself?!?

I'd love to hear💕

👇Tell me in the comments below👇

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