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A Ray of Light Angel Tarot: Angel Whispers...Why choose to Suffer?

Hey there Sunshine☀️⁠⁠


How does FEAR show up in your life?⁠⁠

Does it hold you back from your dreams?⁠⁠

Does it stop you from taking hold of the day ahead?⁠⁠


It does for sooo many!⁠⁠

And that's ok⁠⁠

Because you're reading this for a reason⁠⁠


Your angels want you to take back your power over⁠⁠

yourself & your destiny⁠⁠

Life is meant to be lived⁠⁠ And how you live day by day adds up to

months, years, and decades

Those dreams you have that you're suppressing

are your soul's whispers

You can start by taking take notice of...

What you're consuming

(music, shows, videos, etc)

And who you're surrounding yourself with

(friends, family, mentor, books you listen/read)

But back to fear,

it can be an overpowering emotion

So while it's easy to say some of these things above

How do you take control of your life when you're afraid?!?

Everyone is different, but I can share what I do...

When I have overwhelming thoughts or emotions

I try to feel through them to see where they're coming from

[most people are fearful of not being enough, accepted, or loved]

It's interesting how feelings can change

when you try to observe where they're coming from

I have also done a digital and personal detox -

there are some activities and people that I have

completely removed from my life

And in regards to social media,

I really only look at self-improvement, inspirational,

and motivational quotes & videos

Other antidotes to fear...

✅ Gratitude

[start & end the day with what you're grateful for]

✅ Meditation

[Put on calming music & just observe your thoughts]

✅ Shift your focus

[Take the steps to start a project or goal]


Most people want to stick with what they know

And don't venture out to try

NEW things or have NEW experiences

But when you take the first step

this gets easier and easier

Are you fearful of how great you can be?

You are so worthy of whatever your dreams are

And you are so very loved

Sending You So Much Love & Light, ❤️Andrea XOXO

P.S. Will you affirm with "I CLAIM BACK MY POWER" ?!?

(👇 comments below👇)

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