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A Ray of Light Angel Tarot: Angel Whispers...WHAT CAN YOU REMOVE?

Hey there Sunshine☀️

Take some time out of your day to reflect...

What can you get rid of in your life

that is not helping YOU to step into

the best version of you that you can be???

✔️This checklist can help

Another technique you can try each day

is ask your angels & spirit guides

to show you the way with

love, ease, & grace

Ask them to help you remove

what no longer positively serves you

If you are scared of change

it's important to remember

nothing stays the same in life

And when you let go of old, outdated energy

that is holding you back you

You can then make way for

NEW love & light energy to enter into your life

But everything starts with you

So you have to decide...

Will you reclaim your power?!?

There will never be a perfect time

And some of these changes may not be easy

Especially if that means distancing yourself

from people who are holding you back for your truth

(your heart knows what your truth is, if you slow down to listen)

If you're reading this message perhaps


that the time is NOW!

You are never truly alone

You have an amazing team of angels & spirit guides that surround you

and can help you through the processes with love, ease, & grace...

Especially when you ask for their help

Not everyone will understand the shifts you're making,

yes even family

Lean on your angels & ask for help

They are there to guide you every step of the way

if you take time to listen

You are DIVINE

and so very LOVED

❤️Sending You So Much Love & Light,



P.S. Comment "I reclaim my power" in the comments.

I will do collective healing to send some extra help your way💕

P.P.S.This process can be as simple as reading this

checklist every night before bed

What is an Angel Tarot Reading? An Angel Tarot Reading allows you to gain specific insights to help divinely guide you through your life with more ease and grace. These are specific messages that your angels are trying to share with you that you may not be able to hear on your own. You can learn more and request your own personalize Angel Tarot Reading with Andrea Raywood, with A Ray of Light Angel Tarot by clicking here.


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